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Welcome to the village Avonlea!

Road to Avonlea 4 Ever and ever! This page is still under heavy changes.

This is a page to let Avonlea fans know that even through the show is off of the air. There are fans out there not willing to allow "Road to Avonlea" die. We will contine to bring webpages and updates about the cast & crew of the show to loyal fans. Well here is my page: Sorry that there are no images; but I don't have access to a scanner. So until I do please bear with me.

First off I put links {which I will contiune to add to as times goes on} & I added where you can concate me {e-mail & "snail" mail}.

Well I just want to say that I just loved "Road to Avonlea" I watched it from season one throughout season seven. I have seen when Jasper Dale & Olivia King got married; when Felicilty King & Gus Pike got married. When Daniel King and Montgomery Dale were born. When Malcolm MacEwen came back for his one true love Abigail Ward. When Sara fell in love with both Trent Morgan & Booth Elliot. When Felix meet Izzy Pettibone and Izzy gave him a bloody nose; when Felix made a fool out himself over kissing Izzy. When Hetty feel in love with Clive Pettibone but he picked Muriel Stacey to be his wife instead. My faviote characters of the show are {for female} Olivia King Dale {for male} Jasper Dale; {for female child} Sara Stanley {Story Girl}; {for male child} Felix King. My faviote couples are: Jasper & Olivia Dale, Gus Pike & Felicilty King~Pike; Felix King & Izzy Pettibone.

I will elobate on my faviotes later on.

Please be patient with me. It it will take a while to get this page to be just the way I want it to be. Keep on checking this page. I will contiune to add more when I get the chance.

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